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Round Barrel Off Set Mount for Long Scope - Model RBOSMT

Round Barrel Off Set Mount for Long Scope - Model RBOSMT
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The two-piece round barrel off-set mount is designed to install the Malcolm long scope only on round-barrel sharps or other muzzleloading rifles. The barrel diameter must be approximately .85". The mount moves the scope 1/4" to the left to clear the hammer. You will need to use the standard 3/8" dovetail block to lock in the offset heavy duty base.

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On top of the front mount there is a 3/8” dovetail. You can put the front scope ring into the 3/8” dovetail on top of the front mount. Clamp the front mount in the front of the barrel. Slide the front scope ring into the dovetail on this front mount and off-set the scope ring to the left. Line up the front and the rear scope mount, and then tighten the big socket head screw and the two screws on the front scope ring. The rear offset heavy-duty base has the same hole dimensions as our regular heavy-duty base. Please see the figure labeled with numbers. To put the heavy duty back portion (6) on top of the dovetail block and tighten the two screws from the base into the block. Use the existing hole (3) and drill and tap two 8-40 holes as (4) indicates. Screw the base on the base and lock-tite the screws on the base. After you secure the heavy-duty base, then mount the rear scope mount on top (5). See the mounting details in the scope instruction manual. Warning: You must install the mount securely before you shoot the rifle. This should be done by a competent gunsmith.
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