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Winchester® 1873/1876 Mount Set (Front & Rear) - Model W7376MT

Winchester® 1873/1876 Mount Set (Front & Rear) - Model W7376MT
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This mount set is to mount the 17” or 18” Malcolm onto either a Winchester 73 or 76 – Top Ejection Gun. The set includes both the front and rear mounts. No need to drill and tap with this set.

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The base set consists of a front and a rear base. The front base replaces the rear sight and all that is required is to remove the rear sight and then install the dovetail block of the front base. Once the block is centered in the dovetail slot, the base screws are installed and tightened. The rear base replaces the dustcover. Remove the screw in the front of the dustcover, slide it to the rear and also remove the small dustcover-retaining block. On Uberti guns watch for the small coil spring under the dustcover when it is removed so it is not lost. On original guns and Chaparral guns there is a small flat spring that is held by a screw. Remove the screw and the spring. Slide the rear base on to the dovetail rail. On original and Chaparral guns the dovetail can be positioned so the supplied 6-48 screw can be screwed into the spring retaining screw hole. Also the brass screw in the base can be tightened against the receiver. On Uberti guns slide the base as far forward as it will go and then tighten the brass screw. In both cases the base should tighten so there is no play in the base. At this point the scope can now be placed on the bases. WARNING: You must install the mount securely before you shoot the rifle. This should be done by a competent gunsmith.
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