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1859 Infantry Sharps Black Powder Rifle .54, 30” Round

1859 Infantry Sharps Black Powder Rifle .54, 30” Round
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Features: Round barrel, blue barrel with case hardened frame, single trigger, walnut stock, 1x48" twist, 6 grooves.

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Caliber .54
Capacity 1
Weight 10.58 lbs
Finish Blue With Case-Hardened Frame
Grip/Stock Walnut Stock
Manufacturer Chiappa
Sights Fixed Front Sight, Rear Ladder Sight
Overall Length 47"
The 1859-1863 Black powder rifles were widely used in the Civil War. Taylor's & Co. is proud to offer sporting versions of the Black powder target shooter, in both the 1859 Infantry Sharps model, with a single trigger, and the 1859 Berdan Military Sharps model, with a double-set trigger. Two models of carbines are also available: the 1859 Cavalry Sharps Carbine with Patch Box, and the 1863 Cavalry Sharps Carbine without Patch Box. All models feature case-hardened frames and blue barrel finish, and are made for use with .54 caliber, paper cartridges. The Infantry sharps features a single trigger.
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