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Springfield Trapdoor .45-70, 22" Barrel

Springfield Trapdoor .45-70, 22" Barrel
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Features: Blue finish with 1x22" twist, 3 grooves, walnut straight stock.

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SKU RIF/S900.457
Caliber .45-70
Capacity 1
Weight 7.27 lbs
Grip/Stock Walnut Stock
Manufacturer Pedersoli
Sights Buckhorn Rear Sight, Blade Front Sight
Overall Length 41.31"
Action Version Standard Edition
This U.S. Cavalry Carbine model of the Springfield Trapdoor perfectly follows the original. After the Civil War ended in 1865, muzzle-loading muskets were replaced with metallic cartridge rifles. During the transition, several models emerged to become the American military standard, remaining so even four decades later, during the Spanish-American War in 1898 and 1899. Pedersoli products feature high-quality wood-to-metal fit and finish. The manufacturer strives to recreate products that have authentic features and superior quality. Davide Pedersoli’s products are famous all over the world for quality, working reliability, and ballistic precision.
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