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Taylor's 1873 Lever Action Rifle Review

Smokewagon Revolver Video Review

Smokewagon Revolver Review

1886 Ridge Runner Rifle 

1886 Ridgerunner Rifle Review

1892 Alaskan Takedown .357 Mag Range Review

1911 Compact Carry Powerhouse

Trijicon World Championship 2014 Cowboy Stage With Taylor's Guns

Triple Threat Shotgun

NRA Show 2014 Interview

1858 Remington Conversion Revolver

Taylor's Full Size Tactical 1911

Taylor's 1911 A-1 

Taylor's Tactical Custom Series 1911 .45ACP - 500 Round Torture Test (Part One)

Taylor's Tactical Custom Series 1911 .45ACP - 500 Round Torture Test (Part Two)

Taylor’s Tactical 1911 .45 ACP

Uberti 45LC to 22LR Conversion Kit Video

1851 Navy C Mason Conversion Video

1860 Army C Mason Conversion Video

Taylor's 1911 Compact Carry Video

No. 3 Frontier Revolver Video

Taylor's 1866 Lever Action Rifle

Taylor's 1873 Cattleman Engraved

1860 Army Black Powder Revolver Video

Joey Dillon Twirling Video 1

Joey Dillon Twirling Video 2

Joey Dillon Twirling Video 3


Taylors Firearms Articles


Taylor's 1858 Black Rock Remington

Taylor's Half Pint Sharps

Taylor's Short Stroke Smokewagon Revolver

Taylor's Alaskan .44Mag Rifle

Taylor's Schofield Revolver

Taylor's 1858 Remington & Conversion Cylinder

Taylor's 1886 Ridgerunner Takedown

Review: Taylor's & Co. 1873 Cattleman Gunfighter

a href="" target="_blank">Tale of Two Taylor’s: Tactical 1911 Compact Carry & Tactical 1911 Full Size

Taylor’s & Co.’s 1911 Compact Carry Powerhouse

Taylor's Special Finish Tactical 1911 Models

1892 Alaskan Takedown Preview Article

Taylor’s & Co Unveils New 1873 Ladies & Youth Carbine Version II

1892 Alaskan Takedown -

Taylor’s 3rd Model Dragoon .44 Revolver

1863 Pocket Remington Revolver

1873 Taylor's Trapper Rifle, Coach Gun Shotgun, & Taylor's Marshall Revolver

Sharps Cavalry Carbine Black Powder

Coach Gun Shotgun

1883 Burgess Rifle

Taylor’s Spencer Carbine .44-40

1892 Alaskan Takedown in .44 Mag

Taylor's 1911 Compact Carry

Taylor's Tactical 1911 Full Size

No. 3 Frontier Revolver

Gunfighter Cattleman & 1873 Ladies and Youth Carbine

1873 Rifle & Pedersoli Springfield Trapdoor

Spencer Rifle in .44-40

1887 18.5" Barrel Deluxe & Bootleg Models

No. 3 New Model Russian Revolver