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Winchester 1885 Mount Set - Model W1885MT

Winchester 1885 Mount Set - Model W1885MT
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This mount set is to mount the 17” or 18” Malcolm onto a Winchester 1885. The set includes both the front and rear mounts. NOTE: Does not work with Winchester 1885 Low Wall.

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You need to put the 3/8” dovetail block into the dovetail cut first. Tighten the center screw on the dovetail block and jam the block into the dovetail cut. Then you need to put the front Mount on top of the dovetail block and tighten the screws into the dovetail block from both side of the front mount as the above picture showed. Install the rear mount to position as the above picture indicated. Two 6-48 screws are needed for the rear mount. WARNING: You must install the mount securely before you shoot the rifle. This should be done by a competent gunsmith.
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